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VisiCube is no longer supported: Please visit Antaeus for a more advanced version of the same product!

The History Of VisiCube

Here is the general history of VisiCube since its introduction in 2002. More detailed information about each version is available in the manual which comes with the product and can be viewed on the documentation page. Where enabled, you can also click on the version identifier in the list below to obtain detailed information about the particular version. (In such cases, a new browser window will be opened automatically. When you are done viewing the information, simply close that window.)

Version 1.4: Released June 10, 2004
With this version, VisiCube becomes a freeware product.

  • Converted VisiCube to freeware product (in which all features are permanently enabled).

Version 1.3: Released April 26, 2004
This version provides support for project refresh. This feature allows you to update the data captured and analyzed in a project file thereby allowing you to supplement longitudinal data with new records or correct bad data while retaining the visuals developed during exploration of that data. The major enhancements are:

  • Provided ability to refresh or rebuild data in a project.
  • Provided ability to review data sources from which the project was created.
  • Supported annual subscription license keys (discounted over permanent license keys).

Version 1.2: Released March 3, 2004
This version provides support for delimited data sources. This feature allows you to explore data from almost any proprietary data facility including spreadsheets and databases because virtually all such facilities provide an ability to export data to a delimited text file. The major enhancements are:

  • Added support for delimited sources.
  • Improved the source definition facility.
  • Added the ability to recover pending changes to the working visual.

Version 1.1: Released December 20, 2003
This is the first production version of VisiCube. In it I provide the Visual Printing feature and have worked very hard to improve the overall quality of the product. The major enhancements are:

  • Provided visual print facility for each microscope.
  • Provided support for access to read-only files and folders.
  • Added support for multi-user operating system configurations.

Version 0.7: Released July 13, 2003
This version completes the set of customer-requested changes for the beta version of the product (which were initiated in the prior version). Included in these enhancements are:

  • Revamped interface for ease of use during exploration.
  • Replaced cube-centric model with data-centric model.
  • Introduced shared subsets.
  • Removed limits on type and relationship of visuals.

Version 0.6: Released January 6, 2003
This version contains the first wave of changes, requested by VisiCube customers during beta testing of the product. In it is provided the final functionality that will be available in the production version of the product. Included in these enhancements are:

  • Introduced abstract data sources to provide for reusability of physical data files.
  • Added support for Date and Temporal data types.
  • Provided explicit control over structure of cube in each project during its creation.
  • Replaced categorization facility with more general and extensible classification facility.

Version 0.5: Released September 20, 2002
This version includes mostly architectural and interface changes to provide a foundation upon which new customer-requested functionality can be built.

Version 0.4: Released July 27, 2002
Support for zoned data files is introduced in this version. Additionally, performance improvements are implemented throughout the product.

Version 0.3: Released May 7, 2002
Time-series visuals are introduced in this version.

Version 0.2: Released April 13, 2002
This is a minor version in which the multivariate visuals are more tightly integrated.

Version 0.1: Released March 31, 2002
This is the original beta version of VisiCube!


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