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VisiCube History: Version 1.3

Overview of Version 1.3
Version 1.3 provides support for project refresh. This feature allows you to update the data captured and analyzed in a project file thereby allowing you to supplement longitudinal data with new records or correct bad data while retaining the visuals developed during exploration of that data.

Highlights of Version 1.3

  • Provided ability to refresh or rebuild data in a project. (This is an extended feature.)
  • Provided SOURCE tool with which information about the data sources for a project can be reviewed.
  • Supported annual subscription license keys (discounted over permanent license keys).

Other Changes in Version 1.3

  • Provided buttons in Define Field dialog of Change Source view to allow for definition of consecutive fields without dismissing and reinvoking the dialog between each field.
  • Display files and folders in all Locator window lists in alphabetical order.
  • Display list of sources in Select Sources window of Add Project view in alphabetical order.
  • Added "Invocation Notes" section to the ReadMe file.
  • Changed "purchase" key terminology to "permanent" key for clarity.
  • Changed the default value of source "Type", in Add New Source dialog, from "zoned" to "delimited" when the delimited source feature is enabled.
  • Changed value list in Define Atomic Subset window to show only distinct values.
  • Display source list in Select Sources window of Describe Dimension view in sorted order.
  • Included historical version information in the ReadMe file.
  • Included link to Readme file in Add/Remove Programs dialog for the OS program management facility.
  • Included warning to installation dialog that Windows Installer error #1931 may occur and can be ignored.
  • Provided ability to control size of cells in the plot window, as well as the window itself, of the Quantile Array view.
  • Reorganized the visual part of the explore realm's Tool Bar into two categories (Working Visual and Current Visual) to clarify the use of each tool.
  • Simplified license handling to support single key at a time.

Problems fixed in VisiCube (Released April 26, 2004)

  • Separated data points are printed in grey, instead of black, when the "Others" group is selected as being "on top" [PAR#100762]
  • The resize box for Define Source window in Change Zoned Source view does not match the actual window during window resizing operations [PAR#100967]
  • Current plot is drawn incorrectly after printing in Box Array view [PAR#101068]
  • Scroll bar arrows and background don't work in Define Source window of Change Delimited Source view [PAR#101213]
  • Wrong field highlighted in Define Source window after a delimited field is deleted [PAR#101230]
  • Focus is not defaulted to an applicable input field in various dialogs when they are first displayed [PAR#101234]
  • The physical order of the generated plots of the Array microscopes does not match the sorted order in Select Instances window of those views [PAR#101236]
  • A numeric value is listed twice in instance lists when a number appears in two equivalent forms (such as "12" and "12.00") [PAR#101237]
  • The PLOT button is enabled before any changes are made to Box Array or Quantile Array specifications [PAR#101240]
  • Some windows become maximized via double-click in the window's title bar. In the case of the Scatter Matrix, a crash can follow when subsequently adjusting its cell size setting. [PAR#101241]
  • No sample project is automatically made current in first use of VisiCube after installation of the product [PAR#101243]
  • On screen layout (such as 3 x 2) of Quantile Array is altered when PRINTed and the print output uses a different layout (2 x 3, for example). Some of the plots in the "new" layout are no longer accessible on screen. [PAR#101270]
  • The closing fact delimiter is included as part of the value for facts in the last field of a delimited source [PAR#101283]
  • Box Array displays incorrect instances in plot windows when the sorted order isn't same as the physical order [PAR#101288]
  • Classification properties are listed in the wrong order in the Manage Properties window of the Classify Dimension view [PAR#101291]
  • Non-existent web pages are listed in the License window [PAR#101300]
  • Missing values are recorded as the actual null indicator string (instead of an empty value) when describing a dimension [PAR#101302]
  • Error # 9 occurs accessing Define Subsets or Select Data Set views after classifying a dimension [PAR#101324]
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