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VisiCube History: Version 1.2

Overview of Version 1.2
Version 1.2 provides support for delimited data sources. This feature allows you to explore data from almost any proprietary data facility including spreadsheets and databases because virtually all such facilities provide an ability to export data to a delimited text file. While the VisiCube explorer continues to be free, this extended feature can be purchased (or activated for a trial) from the website.

Highlights of Version 1.2

  • Added support for delimited sources. (This is an extended feature.)
  • Improved the source definition facility so that each new field can be fully defined as it is added.
  • Added the ability to recover pending changes to the working visual upon return to a project.

Other Changes in Version 1.2

  • Changed the Define Source window to represent TAB characters with visible indicators.
  • Changed time-series plot logic so that the horizontal space is better utilized.
  • Reorganized the Tool Bar in the Explore realm to clarify the use of each individual tool.
  • Provided cell-size control in Scatter Matrix view and made the plot window, itself, sizable.
  • The "Notes" for objects (sources, projects, and visuals) have been renamed to "Description" for clarity.
  • Added protection to the Define Subsets view which prevents changes that adversely affect existing visuals.
  • Added information to the splash screen to describe the state of the recorded license.
  • Improved the consistency and accuracy of various terminology related to records, fields, and facts.

Problems fixed in VisiCube (Released March 3, 2004)

  • Shift-click selection is not working in the Select Sources window of Add Project view. [PAR#100394]
  • When changing the definition of an atomic subset in the Define Subsets view, you are presented the Define Atomic Subset dialog. When selecting Record.Number in the field list, the value "1" is pre-selected in the list of records on the right. [PAR#100592]
  • The entries in the Select Array Instances window of the Quantile Array view are not sorted. [PAR#100683]
  • The quantile and box plots do not represent single data values appropriately. [PAR#100732]
  • After using PRINT in the Box Array view, the guide lines in the quantile plot darken noticeably the first time the plot is refreshed. They remain darker until the view is exited. [PAR#100738]
  • Occassionally unable to reduce the width of the Time-Series plot window. [PAR#100757]
  • Sometimes, the Time-Series plot is first displayed with the scroll bars disabled, even though the virtual plot is bigger than the picture box containing it. [PAR#100758]
  • When changing between the 3D Scatter Plot and other microscopes, the setting for the Draw Background Points is not remembered. It always gets reset to "OFF" upon return to the 3D view. [PAR#100760]
  • The printed legend overlaps end of page in landscape mode of 2D Scatter Matrix with 8 measures. [PAR#100854]
  • Error # 6 (overflow) occurs when entering a number larger than 32767 in a text field that expects numeric input (Number of Layers field in the 3D Scatter Plot view and Points field of either Time-Series view). [PAR#100856]
  • Long path names for projects cause the name on the left side of the first line of a printout to overlap that page number on the right side of the same line. [PAR#100894]
  • The entries in the Select Array Instances list is not sorted in the Box Array view. [PAR#100929]
  • The current instance of the Box Array or Quantile Array causes an error #9 (subscript out of range) when accessing the Time-Series array if a subset is being utilized and that subset includes fewer instances than the index of the "current" instance in the universal set. [PAR#100956]
  • After selecting a vertical measure in the 3D Scatter Plot view which has no data (all values are missing), the Define Layers window is empty and its use leads to other errors. [PAR#100976]
  • The Box Array and Quantile Array views show (in the Select Array Instances window) instances from the universal set which are not in the selected subset for the visual. [PAR#100986]
  • Time-Series plots are generated without data records (the time points show missing data instead) when the temporal values being utilized are of varying length. [PAR#100987]
  • Error #5 or #9 occurs when accessing a Time-Series view which uses dimensions while the current project is one in which a dimension has only missing values. [PAR#100988]
  • When a subset is utilized by a 3D Scatter Plot visual, the Min and Max values displayed in the Select Vertical Measure window are incorrect. They reflect the min and max values for the universal set instead of the correct values for the particular subset. [PAR#101055]
  • In the 3D Scatter Plot, if the range of values for the vertical measure is zero (i.e., all the values are identical), a subscript error (Error #9) occurs. [PAR#101056]
  • A subset which is used indirectly by visual can be deleted. I.e., if subset S1 uses subset S2 and subset S1 is selected for visual V1, the current code incorrectly allows S2 to be deleted. [PAR#101079]
  • Error #13 can occur when selecting a time dim in the Select Time Dimension window. [PAR#101095]
  • Attempting to resize the Time-Series Matrix or Time-Series Array window by clicking on the window's left edge, when there are only a few time points plotted, causes the window to jump significantly to the right...even off screen. [PAR#101106]
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