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VisiCube History: Version 1.1

Overview of Version 1.1
Version 1.1 provides printing ability for each of the VisiCube microscopes. This is, therefore, the first version that supports publishing of the results of your explorations. This ability is the first extended feature of VisiCube. It can be purchased (or activated for a trial) from the website.

Highlights of Version 1.1

  • Provided print facility for each microscope.
  • Provided support for access to read-only files and folders.
  • Added support for multi-user operating system configurations.
  • Added tutorial-like examples to the manual.
  • Added an index to the manual.

Problems fixed in VisiCube (Released January 6, 2004)

  • Error #13 occurs when attempting to CHANGE the current folder in project Selector to one containing fewer projects than the relative position of the top entry in previously displayed list. (For example, if the current folder contains 40 projects, you have scrolled the Selector down such that the 30th project is not displayed at the top of the Selector, and you now try to change to a folder that contains fewer than 30 projects, the error occurs.) [PAR#101006]
  • Error #13 occurs in m001OpenControlFile during invocation when run on a non-English system. [PAR#101007]

Problems fixed in VisiCube (Released December 20, 2003)

  • Windows "Program Error" Access Violation (exception c0000005) occurs upon termination of VisiCube if various windows or fields are not utilized while using the product. [PAR#100001]
  • The Notes field is not refreshed for each use of the Add Visual dialog. [PAR#100403]
  • Tab characters in zoned sources are incorrectly translated into tabs instead of being displayed as the single characters that they are. (Note that zoned sources process each character individually, including tab characters.) [PAR#100423]
  • Error #0 occurs when ADDing the 101st source definition. [PAR#100431]
  • The list of sources repositions to the top of the list (even when a lower entry is selected) after completing copy, rename, or delete operations. [PAR#100432]
  • VisiCube crashes without error when attempting to create a project that requires reading (not capturing) more than 2GB of zoned source data. [PAR#100433]
  • If the STOP button is clicked in the Long Process window while the 2D Scatter Matrix is being drawn, it may not be possible to replot the matrix. (Doing so may cause a single empty plot to appear in the Scatter Matrix window.) [PAR#100454]
  • Selection of an instance in the the Manage Separation window for one visual affects all other visuals which utilize the same separation dimension (causing the same instance to be selected in each). [PAR#100455]
  • The Locate File window in the the Change Zoned Source SV is not indicating when the path does not exist. It shows the old path (in the status field) and an empty folder. (I.e., it looks like the path exists and the folder is empty...neither of which is true.) [PAR#100518]
  • When accessing the Define Subsets SV for a project with no subsets, the View Data Set Definition and View Data Set Records windows are initialized with a phantom subset that has no name and no records. [PAR#100527]
  • The Start Line field in the Change Zoned Source SV is disabled and erased when the physical file cannot be located. [PAR#100542]
  • Box Array microscope does not plot all of selected instances if you attempt to plot more than the stated limit of 100. (The selections are mistakenly allowed even though they are not all plotted.) [PAR#100549]
  • When accessing a new project in the Explore realm, you are not presented with the correct default view. Instead, you are presented the view that was last-used for some other (unrelated) project. [PAR#100555]
  • The horizontal scroll bar in the Navigator is not displayed initially on systems using "Large Fonts". [PAR#100615]
  • The bottom part of the Navigator is not accessible when the height of the VisiCube window is less than about 730 pixels. (The bottom of the vertical scroll bar as well as the content of the tree is not displayed...preventing you from accessing that content.) [PAR#100616]
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