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VisiCube is no longer supported: Please visit Antaeus for a more advanced version of the same product!

Simplicity In VisiCube

I have striven to make VisiCube easy to use. Here I describe some of these efforts.

Less Confusion
VisiCube has no superfluous features. Though the value of specific features can always be debated, I have specifically left out features that are not directly necessary for data analysis. You have no ability to control the aesthetics of your plots, for example. It is my view that by greatly reducing the things that you can configure or specify, the entire product becomes easier to learn and use. There is less confusion.

One-click Menu
Instead of the standard pull-down menu, VisiCube uses a one-click menu in which every choice is exposed. This can be done because I have greatly limited the choices. (See above.) Another benefit of such a menu is that you do not need to remember which main entry contains a particular sub-entry. There is no need to learn the organization of the menu.

Non-modal Menu
Another difficulty with standard menus is that they typically embed dialogs through which you interact with the product. For example, you might specify settings for a plot in such a menu in another product. Of course, being modal, you cannot see the effect of those changes until you have dismissed the dialog. In VisiCube, the work space is utilized for all interaction, not the menu. Therefore, you can see the effect of your choices instantly and there is no need to then return to the menu to change the setting once more.

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