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My Consulting Service Options

Project-based Consulting
I offer project-based consulting services in which I address a well-defined project on an independent basis. You provide the requirements and I do the rest, delivering a finished project for your use. You can, of course, monitor and supervise my progress on the project, but you don't need to take care of the every day project management tasks.

Please note that I am a single consultant and, therefore, can only take on relatively small projects. If you have a large project which demands a team of consultants, you will need to contact a larger consulting agency.

Such a project can be paid for on a fixed cost or hourly basis.

Individual-based Consulting
I offer individual consulting services in which I work under your direct supervision or that of anyone else you designate. You need not be nearly as specific up front with regard to the work that needs to be done because you manage my work on a continual basis during the engagement.

Individual consulting is paid for on an hourly basis.

I am well-equipped to work from my office and am, therefore, happy to telecommute. This results in the lowest cost to you as I charge a lower rate for such work.

However, I can also work at your office, regardless of its location. I live in the Denver area and will charge a higher rate (than telecommuting) to commute to your office. If the work is outside of the Denver area, I will also expect reimbursement for all expenses related to transportation, food, and lodging related to the work.

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