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My Rates

Rates are, of course, subject to negotiation. The rates noted below are not hard and fast but, instead, represent my expectations. I publish them here for your consideration to be sure that you and I are in the same ballpark at the start of any such negotiation. In general, these are the rates I expect for the particular activity. However, I am amenable to discounting the pertinent rate in those cases where the particular engagement is of special interest to me or especially fun. I am, frankly, at a point in my career where I intend to enjoy my work. And the more I'm enjoying it, the less I need to be paid for doing it.

Consulting services - $100/hr

This is the rate I expect for consultative services I would provide as a senior data manager and architect. Such services would be in the areas of data strategy, management, architecture, modeling, metadata, governance, quality, security, and more.

Data modeling services - $75/hr

This is the rate I expect for creating or reviewing a data model for your enterprise. As opposed to advising you as to how you might implement modeling practices (which would be a consulting service and charged the higher rate described above), this is about actually creating or refining the data model(s) that you need.

I have decades of experience in this practice using a broad array of design paradigms:

Specifically, I have extensive experience with the following modeling techniques: I have received training in the following modeling techniques: Finally, I have used as variety of modeling tools including (though only erwin in recent years):

To create a new model, I would need access to your business SMEs to understand your needs and I would deliver a model from which the pertinent data structures could be generated. To review an existing model, I would need access to the model, itself, and I would deliver my summary of recommended changes. If you expect me to work in your modeling environment, you'll need to provide me access to that env.

Note that, by "data modeling", I mean the practice of understanding data requirements and representing those requirements in a precise form known as a data model (conceptual, logical, and/or physical). Such data models are then used to communicate the requirements to administrators and users of that data and generate the data structures in which the data will be stored. This is quite different from the practice (also known as "data modeling") in which data engineers/scientists establish mathematical models of the data, itself, and use those models to analyze the data and make forecasts about the future (for example).

Other services - $50/hr

I have other skills and interests that you may find useful. For example, I love to write (and have been told often that I do it well). Perhaps I could be of assistance in writing or editing technical materials. Similarly, I was trained as a teacher (admittedly long ago) and loved my time teaching math and programming in college and adult ed settings. I left that arena for the better pay of a technical career but no longer need to earn top dollar. Perhaps I can feed this passion while serving you in this manner. I do not intend this site to constrain me to traditional technical consulting and contractual services. If you have a non-traditional idea that you think I may be interested in assisting you with, please share that idea with me.

Nonprofit services - $25/hr

Are you a nonprofit? If your mission is one that aligns with my passions and interests, I would like to help and, while doing so, would charge a mimimal rate.

I am specifically interested in supporting nonprofit NGOs that assist under-served and under-privileged people in matters related to (in no particular order):

Onsite Expenses - actual cost

I expect, especially given the times, that work will be done remotely. But I am open to onsite engagements (for any part of that engagement). However, I require you to pay for all expenses related to being onsite including:

Note that this applies to all onsite engagements, even those in the Denver metro area where I live. If the cost is minimal, I will waive the reimbursement.

I will itemize the actual expenses, provide you an invoice, and expect reimbursement for those actual expenses, no more and no less.