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VisiCube is no longer supported: Please visit Antaeus for a more advanced version of the same product!

Proactivity In VisiCube

One of the most powerful features of VisiCube can be characterized as proactivity. Although interactivity might be a great asset in gaming and communication applications, it must be recognized to be of limited value in analysis. In fact, excessive interactivity is downright counterproductive.

Proactivity is an alternative approach in which the computer works for you, taking care of the mundane and unimportant tasks. This is, after all, one of the fundamental benefits of computing. Instead of depending on you to control everything interactively, VisiCube takes over as many of those tasks as possible; leaving you to focus on the one thing it cannot do … the actual analysis of your data. The following are areas in which VisiCube is more proactive than its competitors.

Your Work Is Automatically Saved
Your work is saved automatically. Instead of the paradigm adopted by most software applications in which it is assumed that you do not want to save your work, VisiCube adopts the opposite paradigm. I assume you want to save your work and do so for you automatically and, even more importantly, constantly. Because of this, you cannot lose your work.

VisiCube Remembers Where You Were
There is never any effort required to continue your work across invocations of VisiCube or individual projects. It assumes that continuation is desired and automatically makes this possible. Upon return, you are automatically placed in the state in which you left. You need not remember where you were.

You Get Instant Feedback
Your visuals are generated automatically and continuously as you explore. There are no OK buttons. As you choose dimensions, measures, subsets, microscope, etc, the current visual is instantly regenerated. The tremendous power of your computer is put to use in rebuilding those graphs constantly, giving you immediate visual feedback for each of the steps you take in your exploration.

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