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My Portfolio

Here is a list of some of the projects in which I have been involved. It is provided to give you an idea of my experience and capabilities.

Client/Server Software and Database Systems

Colorado Elections Database [2010]
As a consultant, I served as a database architect for the Colorado Department of State while creating an in-house database application (in MS Access) to manage election cycles for their Elections Division.

Data Access Layer for Warehouse System [2009]
As a consultant, I served as a database architect and application developer for Assured Systems in Yonkers, NY, in replacing their legacy, HP3000-based ERP system. In this capacity, I developed a DAO framework implemented for a PostgreSQL database, and established components of the Glassfish-based business layer that would access it.

Loan Origination System [2004-2006]
I served as a web and database architect on a consulting team from MindBox which implemented a custom loan origination system for Ownit Mortgage Solutions in Calabasas, CA. This is a suite of Java-based applications using Tomcat, XML, XSLT, and a SQL Server database. One of my major contributions was an automated interface between the legacy loan origination system (Contour's Loan Handler) and an external doc drawing service (DocMagic) using XML and HTTPS communications. Another was an automated funding interface between the LOS and various banks including JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Washington Mutual. I also designed and implemented the SQL Server database underlying the new LOS and assisted in the coding of its Java web framework using a DAO model.

e-Service Suite [2001-2002]
I served as a database architect and software developer for Firepond in the building of these J2EE CRM products which facilitate and streamline customer service through email, web, and chat channels. Specifically, I helped developed the EJB/persistence portion of the Java domain layer which was used by all of the components of this commercial web application suite. I also designed the transactional database underlying these components and implemented that design in both SQL Server and Oracle. This included design and development of all stored procedures and triggers used in the databases.

These products are now distributed by Oracle.

e-Service Analytics [2000-2002]
I served as the database architect and lead software developer for Brightware (later Firepond) in the development of the ETL utility, schema documentation, datamart, and static reports which comprised this CRM analysis product. The ETL is a proprietary command-line Java/JDBC application whose core logic was accomplished with very complex SQL. I led design of the reporting datamart and implemented it in both SQL Server and Oracle. I converted the existing reports (originally written in Actuate) to Crystal Reports and then designed and implemented many more.

This product is incorporated into the e-Service Suite (above) which is now distributed by Oracle.

Advantage InfoRefiner [1994-1996]
I served as the lead developer and assisted in project management of this product while working for Platinum Technology. This is a mainframe-to-client/server-platform ETL and change-propagation tool. It supports the extraction and transformation of transactional data on the mainframe (IMS/DB, DB2, VSAM, and sequential files) into data warehouses implemented in any leading client/server RDBMS (such as DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, and Ingres).

This product is now distributed by Computer Associates.

Mainframe Software

Advantage Compile/PRF (QRF) [1993-1994]
I desiged and developed this COBOL/TSO/ISPF code-generation and compilation facility for SQL queries and PRF reports at Platinum Technology.

This product is now distributed by Computer Associates.

Advantage Report Facility (PRF) [1989-1993]
I served as the lead developer and assisted in project management at Platinum Technology for this 3-tier, end-user query and reporting tool which provides SQL-based access to a variety of data sources (especially DB2). It is written in COBOL and Assembly Language and uses a VTAM screen interface to allow execution in CICS, IMS/DC, and TSO. It quickly became the second-leading product in its category behind IBM's QMF and remains there now.

This product is now distributed by Computer Associates.

Electronic Drawing Information System (EDI) [1987-1989]
I led the design and development of this comprehensive drawing management system for the nuclear engineering organization at Commonwealth Edison Company. This was an inhouse, TSO-based system written in COBOL and ISPF with a DB2 database backend.

Drawing Control System (DRW) [1986-1987]
I designed and developed this drawing management system for the Byron generating station at Commonwealth Edison Company. It was later adopted by the Braidwood and LaSalle stations. This was the first DB2 application implemented at ComEd. It was a TSO-based system written in COBOL and ISPF.

Desktop Software

Sales and Pricing Systems [2007-2008]
As a consultant, I served as an application architect and developer for Assured Systems in Yonkers, NY, in converting their MicroFocus COBOL-based pricing and sales applications to Java. I was the sole developer of these pure Java applications which have Swing UIs and Java DB backends and run on Windows machines.

I also wrote a server-based system through which these applications can communicate, via FTP, with the legacy backend ERP system on HP3000 minis. This system involves scheduled Java applications to manage the flow of data through the system and utilizes a PostgreSQL database on a Windows server.

VisiCube [2002-2004]
I led the design and development of this graphical exploratory data analysis tool for Windows written in VB.

RealChart [1999-2000]
I helped develop this Windows-based chart-generation tool for The Janina Ratkowska Group. The product was originally written in VB. Under my guidance, development of a Java/Swing implementation with an OLAP interface commenced to make it platform-independent and more flexible. However, funding for the company ended before the project could be completed. This product is no longer available.

Pediatric Report Generator [1989-1991]
I helped develop this whole-language report generator for evaluative data for Pediatric Data Management Services, an occupational therapy service provider. The system used AI rules-based techniques to generate textual reports with correct grammar and syntax. It was written in PC Scheme (TI's version of LISP) and ran on Windows-based PCs.

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