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How do I patch an installed version of VisiCube?


When I release an update to an existing version of VisiCube, I do so by providing a new installer for that version on the download page. This is then the only installer available for that version and can be used to install VisiCube on a new system as well as replace installed features with updated versions of those features.

In the normal installation process, you simply invoke the installer in its default state. This causes the installer to attempt to install VisiCube from scratch on your system. If the installer detects a previously installed copy of the same version of VisiCube, it will terminate with a warning message which instructs you to uninstall that existing copy before continuing.

To patch that previously installed version of VisiCube, you need to invoke the installer with a supplemental parameter which instructs it to look for the previously installed copy of VisiCube and replace all applicable features with their updated versions.


How do I patch a previously installed version of VisiCube with an updated installer for that same version?


You need to invoke the installer from the system's command prompt and provide an extra parameter when doing so. Do the following:

  • Open the command prompt window using the method appropriate for your system. In Windows 2000, for example, this is accomplished in the following manner:
    • Push the Windows "Start" button
    • Select the "Programs" optioin
    • Select the "Accessories" option
    • Select the "Command Prompt" option
  • Change to the directory containing the downloaded installer. Assuming the installer has been downloaded to the "C:\Downloads\Datamology" folder, you would issue the following command (including the quote marks):
    cd "C:\Downloads\Datamology"
  • Invoke the installer with the supplemental reinstall parameter. Assuming the downloaded installer is named "VisiCube 1.2 Installer.exe", you would issue the following command (including the quote marks):
    "VisiCube 1.2 Installer.exe" /v"REINSTALLMODE=voums REINSTALL=ALL"
  • Complete the reinstallation by pushing the "Next" and "Finish" buttons in the install dialog.
  • Close the command prompt window.

More Information

The method described above has the effect of replacing those features of VisiCube that you have previously installed on your system. If, for example, you have installed the sample files but not the help files, this method will replace only the sample files. The help files will remain uninstalled after patching your installation. If you later wish to install the help files, you can modify your installation in the normal manner.

Instead of replacing the installed version of VisiCube with the above method, you may also choose to simply uninstall the old version of VisiCube and then install the new version in the normal manner. This approach has the added advantage of allowing you to change the configuration of your installation at the same time, though this is usually not important when you are patching an installed version.


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  • Last Modified: March 15, 2004
  • Last Reviewed: March 15, 2004


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