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VisiCube Knowledge Base Article #000006

How do I print a visual to an image file?


VisiCube provides support for the printing of visuals. Such printing generates very high quality graphic images on the output device applicable to the printer driver.

It is, at times, desirable to capture that image in a graphics file which can then be used in other software products and documents.


How do I capture a printed image and save it to a file in a standard graphic format such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, or BMP?


Obtain a printer driver that supports output to file in the desired graphic format and install that printer driver on your system.

You will then be able to print to that driver with VisiCube as well as any other product on your system.

More Information

This is not a VisiCube-specific issue. The print facility in VisiCube, like all true printing facilities, sends instructions to a printer driver (of your choice). A printer driver is simply a software program. The issue hinges on what happens to those instructions once the driver receives them. All drivers interpret those instructions and most then create print specifications for a particular printer. However, some drivers convert those instructions into other forms, such as files of a pre-specified format. In all cases, the output of the driver is determined by the manufacturer of the driver.


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