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VisiCube Knowledge Base Article #000005

Error #14999 hitting the CANCEL button in Print To File dialog


This problem can occur in any version of VisiCube, but only occurs with some printer drivers on some operating systems and only in one of the following situations:

  • Using a standard driver and routing output to the FILE port; or
  • Using a special driver that is designed specifically for file output.


After hitting the CANCEL button in the Print To File dialog, you are presented a VisiCube Error window indicating an Error #14999 occurred.


To generate a printout, VisiCube invokes numerous Windows printing functions. These functions, in turn, send instructions to the printer driver that you select in the Print Setup dialog. When the destination for the output from the printer driver is a file, the printer driver must ask you where to place that file. The printer driver does this at the time of its own choosing, but always during one of the printing function invocations mentioned above. It typically does so by presenting the system's Print To File dialog which includes a CANCEL button to allow you to terminate the process.

When you hit CANCEL, though the printer driver terminated its own print process, it did not communicate the cause of this termination through the Windows printing function back to VisiCube. As far as VisiCube is concerned, the function simply failed and the system did not provide any information to indicate why this has happened. VisiCube, therefore, simply displays all known information about the situation and terminates your print request with a generic error (#14999).


Ignore the error, close the Error window, and continue working. The print request was already cancelled due to the error.

More Information

Though not a complete list, known instances of this problem occur using:

  • The Adobe Distiller on Windows 2000 or Windows XP

In effect, I am saying that Error #14999, when caused by the actions noted in this article, is an acknowledgement of your CANCEL request.

Note however, that VisiCube does not know that the output was intended for a file nor that you cancelled that process. All it knows is that a Windows printing function has failed without supporting information as to its cause. This situation can arise in many scenarios other than the one described above. Therefore, VisiCube cannot reasonably assume the cancellation scenario.

Note that this failure scenario is not unique to VisiCube. All other products must deal with this same scenario. Many choose to simply suppress the error report altogether. While this saves the customer from being confused when this particular scenario occurs, it also hides some potentially significant errors that are caused by other reasons and should be investigated.

Finally, note that all printer drivers are not created equal. In fact, each printer driver is very unique...having been created by a specific manufacturer, with unique functionality, for a specific operating system, and for a specific printer. That is why each behaves differently and I cannot know which printer drivers will cause the behavior noted in this article.


  • PAR#100971
  • Last Modified: January 15, 2004
  • Last Reviewed: January 15, 2004


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