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VisiCube is no longer supported: Please visit Antaeus for a more advanced version of the same product!

Installing VisiCube

Easy Installation Instructions
After downloading the installation program, run it and follow the instructions that are presented to you.
To run the installation program, simply locate the downloaded program on your computer and open it. (This is typically done by double-clicking it’s name in Windows Explorer or a similar file browser.)

To complete the installation, you will have to accept the terms of VisiCube's End User License Agreement (EULA). This is a standard EULA with one major exception. It allows you to install VisiCube on any number of computers and to distribute that installation program to anybody else. I hope you will make use of that freedom.

After installation is completed, you can delete the installation program from your system if you wish. It is no longer needed…unless you’d like to give it to a friend!

A note to Windows 2000 and Windows XP users
During the installation process, you may be presented Error #1931. This is normal and can be ignored. See my knowledge base article for further information.

Want More Detail?
The installation process is simple. But, if you would like more information about that process, you can find it in the Installation section of Chapter 2 in the VisiCube manual which is available on the documentation page

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