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VisiCube is no longer supported: Please visit Antaeus for a more advanced version of the same product!

Obtaining VisiCube

Getting VisiCube
Push the following button to download the installation program for latest version of VisiCube. After doing so, run it on your system to install VisiCube there. See the installation instructions for futher information if desired.

(VisiCube [13.0 MB]

VisiCube is Free
VisiCube can be downloaded and used free of charge and without restriction. Really.

And I don't ask you to register or supply me with any information. It's that easy. Feel free to share it with friends or point them to this website so that they can obtain their own copy.

Upgrades are Free, too
Since VisiCube is (and always will be) free, there will never be any cost to you to upgrade the product. Simply come to this site and obtain the latest version whenever you please. This is, in fact, the mechanism you will utilize to obtain fixes (at no charge) for any problems that you may experience with the product.

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