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VisiCube is no longer supported: Please visit Antaeus for a more advanced version of the same product!

Knowledge Sharing With VisiCube

The goal of data analysis is knowledge acquisition. While it may be the case that it is only you that will benefit from that knowledge, it is often true that you wish/need to share that knowledge with others. In some cases, this sharing occurs in the form of formal publishing, but most often it is done in a far less formal manner … a manner that can and should be facilitated by the tools utilized in the analysis.

VisiCube supports the sharing of knowledge through two primary means. The first, common in all data analysis tools, is the ability to print results from within the tool. Specifically, in VisiCube you have the ability to generate very high quality printouts of any visual you create during your exploration.

The second means that VisiCube provides is far less common. Each analysis project, including every visual created or captured during the exploration, is encapsulated in a stand-alone project file that can be transported between computers, by email for example, and explored with any copy of VisiCube. The key here is that VisiCube can be easily obtained (from this website) and used by anyone with a Windows-based computer. Because it is free, your associates and audience have the ability to see your data in its full splendor just as easily as they can see printouts of that data. Not only can they see each visual (microscopic slide) which you have created but, depending on how you choose to organize and annotate those visuals, the project can be used as a slide presentation in itself. You need not build a presentation with another software tool, especially not in one that must be purchased by your associates.

Finally, because the entire project can be shared, and at no cost, it is a simple matter to seek and solicit the assistance of colleagues and collaborators. At any point you wish to share your project, that colleague receives all of your data as well as the existent record of your exploration. VisiCube, therefore, can be a powerful collaborative tool.

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