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Chip Hartney

Chip's pic I was introduced to the computing world in my high school days. However, under the advisement of others, I pursued a "more substantial" occupation and earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois. I worked for 3 years as a civil engineer for the U.S. Forest Service in Oregon before following my urge to return to more mathematical pursuits. I studied mathematics and programming for the next two years and taught both topics in a variety of high school, college, and adult education settings before entering the technology arena.

Initially, I worked in the nuclear engineering department of the computer systems organization at Commonwealth Edison Company in Chicago. Having recently studied database theory, I was assigned to work on ComEd's first relational database applications (DB2) and led the development of these initial systems.

I then moved to Platinum Technology, a commercial software development firm which had been recently founded in the Chicago area. I remained there for 10 years as we grew into the 9th largest software vendor in the world by specializing in relational database tools and utilities. There, I led development of their ad hoc query and reporting tools and their data warehousing product line until the company (and tools) were acquired by Computer Associates.

After leaving Platinum, I worked for a year as a consultant with an emphasis on VB- and Java-based desktop data analysis programs for Windows computers.

In 2000, I joined Brightware (which was acquired by Firepond shortly after that) in the San Francisco bay area. Here I had two primary responsibilities. The first was as a database programmer and architect for Analytics, Brightware's proprietary analysis tool for its CRM product suite. This product utilized a configurable ETL program, multidimensional datamart, and various end-user reporting tools to support analysis of customer data. The second role was as a database architect and software engineer for the CRM product suite, itself. In this role, I was responsible for the design of the transactional databases and implementation of the EJB-based data persistence layer of the web applications that comprised the product suite.

In 2002, I joined a colleague (from my Platinum days) and his partner to found The Datamology Company. He had begun development of VisiCube, a spreadsheet-based data analysis product for Windows, and wanted to expand its scope and release it to the public. We built VisiCube into a production-quality exploratory data analysis tool, releasing the first complete version in May, 2004, just before my partners decided to retire.

From 2004 through the end of 2006, I worked as a web and database architect, in a consulting capacity, in the financial services industry. Specifically, I worked with a team of consultants from MindBox, an AI-based technology solutions company, for Ownit Mortgage Solutions in Los Angeles. In this role, I developed web applications in Java and SQL while also designing and developing the databases used by those apps. My focus was on interfaces to commercial loan-origination applications and web services used in document drawing and loan funding.

From early 2007 through mid 2009, I worked as a consultant for Assured Systems, Inc, of Yonkers, NY. This is a small service company that was seeking to convert their legacy ERP systems from HP3000-based COBOL to Java running on Windows and Linux systems. There I did Java and database development work, rewriting and porting their Order Entry and Pricing systems and working on the conversion of their Warehouse systems.

I then made a decision to focus my career in the field of business intelligence, building on my experience in the data world. To better position myself as an asset to my clients in this arena, I returned to school to obtain a Master's degree in Business Intelligence from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

While pursuing my MS degree, I did contract work for the Colorado Department of State. There I created a database system for the Elections Division which manages the content of each ballot during every election cycle and produces the Abstract of Votes Cast which is published after each such cycle.

Following graduation, I accepted a position at Janus Capital Group where I joined the Enterprise Information Management team to develop new data reporting and analysis solutions in Cognos. I also took on responsiblity for maintaining and enhancing existing Business Objects solutions.

I then worked for 3 years on the DW/BI team at Colorado Community College System. I was the Cognos Team Lead and worked as an architect, developer, and general problem solver in all aspects of their DW/BI implementations. We used 3rd-party ODS and EDW frameworks on an Oracle DB platform with Cognos-based reporting and analyis solutions.

Since 2014, I have worked in the DW/BI organization at Charles Schwab. I serve as a data modeler/architect on the Data Management team where we manage an integrated Hadoop/Teradata enterprise data environment.

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