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The Datamology Home Page

Welcome to The Datamology Company (or just Datamology) where I am dedicated to providing you with technology solutions in the form of services and software related to data processing and analysis.

I co-founded Datamology in 2002 as a software development company with a focus on data analysis products. We released our flagship product, VisiCube (more below), in 2004. VisiCube was then acquired by Antaeus Software and Datamology evolved into a services company. It is now my sole proprietorship.

Click here to learn more about me or simply browse this website to learn more about Datamology, its services, its philosophy, and its offerings.

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Through Datamology, I offer consulting services related to the world of data.

Click here to send an inquiry to me about a proposed project or browse the site to learn more about these services.

VisiCube was a cutting-edge graphical exploratory data analysis tool that we developed to aid the scientific community in research without requiring skills in mathematical modeling and statistics.

It was later acquired by Antaeus Software, but is (sadly) no longer available. You can learn more about it in the VisiCube section of this website.

The graphs you see on this site were generated by VisiCube.

THE DATAMOLOGY COMPANY Home of VisiCube, The Data Microscope